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  1. Scientfic Optimization

    Scientfic Optimization

    Using advanced engineering methods to optimize drilling operation parameters
  2. Practical Optimization

    Practical Optimization

    Extracting Best Practices and Lesson Learns in previous wells
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Practical Optimization

About This Project

Analysis Offset Wells Data

data entry of daily drilling reports and other necessary information in the database and integrate them

Finding the engineering problems of previous wells using hydraulic and mechanical energy diagrams

Determine the optimal amount of H.S.I. For each type of bit, using a study of the offset wells of a field

Practical Optimization

Entering future well information

Selecting adjacent wells for practical optimization

Wells grouping using exclusive methods

Choosing a proper group for future well and using the data from this group of wells for practical optimization

Selecting the best Bit type and also the most suitable BHA for drilling each phase of the well

Extracting the best parameters of the wells with the target function of the highest ROP and the lowest Bit run number

Taking output based on graphs and improvement tables of depth based on time and improving the ROP in an output.

Comparative plots of Drilling Parameters

Provide a comprehensive practical optimization program in the form of standard forms and reports in the form of software output in format of WORD and PDF file.

Practical Optimization

At this step, wells grouping takes place using three different methods (Top of Formation, Casing Program, and Coordinates of adjacent wells). Then, for each group, a virtual optimized well based on the data used for drilling offset wells of each The group is formed and using the output data of this step, the hydraulic and mechanical parameters are optimized and the best type of bit and BHA is proposed for drilling each section of the well.

An example of grouping based on the Top of Formation method

An example of constructing an optimized virtual practical well using data from wells in a group

Practical Optimization

Extracting Best Practices and Lesson Learns in previous wells


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