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  1. Scientfic Optimization

    Scientfic Optimization

    Using advanced engineering methods to optimize drilling operation parameters
  2. Practical Optimization

    Practical Optimization

    Extracting Best Practices and Lesson Learns in previous wells
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Data cube

Data storage, used in SQL or Excel, stores and displays data in two-dimensional (rectangular) format. The two dimensions mean a row and a column. But in the data cube, the subject is different. On the cube, the data is displayed in multi-dimensional form, and each dimension displays a property of our storage.

Data cubes provide an efficient and fast Queries using a comprehensive data model and provide a better alternative to summarizing tables. Complex computations can be easily integrated into these cubes and improve the quality of application analysis. For example, a cube could include comparative analyzes of the impact of different parameters on the ROP in drilling operation. In fact, the structure of these cubes has been optimized for such reports and analyzes.

Major operations on the Database can include update, insert, delete, etc. But Datawarehouse, a multi-dimensional cube with hundreds of dimes the capacity of a Database, serves as its main function to the user, and can store information in a variety of formats for different maintenance needs.