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  1. Scientfic Optimization

    Scientfic Optimization

    Using advanced engineering methods to optimize drilling operation parameters
  2. Practical Optimization

    Practical Optimization

    Extracting Best Practices and Lesson Learns in previous wells
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Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is in fact a set of tools and infrastructure that can be added value to the data of an organization by processing information. In fact, the core task of business intelligence processes is to turn data into value for an organization. For example, we will achieve specific results with the data mining processes in the organization. (Due to the previous data and the patterns you have discovered, you get a special result)

Business intelligence provides access and analysis of information that can help optimize the decisions and performance of a company or organization. Business intelligence is actually a system of interconnected activities related to data mining, online analytical processing, research and reporting, statistical optimization, and so on.

Companies use BI to improve their decisions, save on costs, and discover new business opportunities. BI is far more than collecting reports and nothing more than a set of tools for intelligent use of business systems. Companies use business intelligence to identify Best Practices and Lesson Learns that can be a good platform for re-engineering.

Zagros Drilling Optimization Company is the only knowledge-based company in the upstream field of the Iranian oil and gas industry, which has been developing software based on business intelligence. Knowing the importance of the data from previous wells, the use of statistical business intelligence methods, the use of artificial intelligence and data mining tools showed OptiTech distinguishes.


Business intelligence is actually the process of converting organization data into value for that organization, and it uses the data warehouse to do this


Business Intelligence