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  1. Scientfic Optimization

    Scientfic Optimization

    Using advanced engineering methods to optimize drilling operation parameters
  2. Practical Optimization

    Practical Optimization

    Extracting Best Practices and Lesson Learns in previous wells
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About Us

The Zagros Drilling Optimization Company, the only knowledge-based company in the field of drilling operation optimization in Iran by a group of university elites and operational drilling engineer, with the mission of creating knowledge to optimize drilling operation in vertical, horizontal, and directional wells, and develop software in this regard has been established in 2015. The company is currently considering to provide qualitative development of optimization services in compliance with the International Quality Management Standards (ISO 9001: 2015), Environmental Quality Management (ISO 14001: 2015), Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and the 5s administrative System. The Zagros drilling Optimization Company, with its dynamic research and development department, experienced technical and engineering teams, software developer team of experts, and advanced tools for improving drilling performance, are able to provide specialized services in optimizing drilling operation and increasing the efficiency of drilling operation for dear employers.

OptiTech Software

In the first step, the company has been developing a comprehensive software to optimize drilling operation parameters with the OptiTech brand. This software has different parts, most of which are based on business intelligence. At present, the efficiency of this software is to manage and optimize the mechanical and hydraulic parameters of drilling operation and the most suitable Bit and BHA selection. The most important discussion in this software is to use the offset wells data of a field to optimize future wells. The main source of the software is the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and optimization algorithms to achieve optimal results.

It should be noted that the ability of this software has been evaluated in fields of Iran and the results are acceptable.

About OptiTech

"The drilling industry needs to move towards the fourth-generation technology and artificial intelligence. The move to this end involves the use of new methods of business intelligence and data valuation. The developed software will meet your engineering needs for drilling operational parameters and business intelligence in the drilling industry."

ZDOC R&D Department

Practical Optimization


Scientific Optimization


ROP Prediction

Data Warehouse

For database storage and integration of wells, a powerful database has been developed

Practical Optimization

To find and extract the best parameters of the offset wells, the select of the best Bit and BHA, this section has been developed

Scientfici Optimization

Using of advanced engineering techniques to optimize mechanical and hydraulic parameters

ROP Prediction

Development of analytical methods and artificial intelligence and neural network to predict ROP with the least possible error.

Data Warehouse

With the increasing spread of data and data storage resources, tools and methods have to be created that can help store data in a specific place .

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is actually a collection of tools and infrastructure that can be added value to data storing and processing information. In fact, the main task of the BI is to turn data into value for an organization.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a broad concept of machines that is capable of performing tasks in a way that we call ``smart`` and one of the most important tools of business intelligence.

Predesign Drilling Program

Updating the Client's Operations Plan for future well using the methods developed by OptiTech

Real-Time Optimization

Using instantaneous optimization methods (MSE mechanical energy diagrams and hydromechanical energy (HMSE)) to obtain the best result.

Drilling Operation Project Control

Provision of optimization services with the presence of specialists of this company on the drilling rig to control and monitor operation and provide standard reports in standard forms.

Practical Optimization

Intelligent extraction of the best parameters of previous well with innovative statistical methods to reduce the number of bit runs and increase ROP

Scientific Optimizaiton

Optimization of bit and BHA selection and engineering selection of mechanical and hydraulic parameters of drilling operation with exclusive methods developed in the software

ROP Prediction

Using of artificial intelligence to predict ROP before starting operation and to analyze the sensitivity and optimization of various parameters

Dear Clients

Zagros Drilling Optimization Company is proud to have partnered with various respected employers.